Ann11 Wrote:
Jun 16, 2012 12:25 PM
To force ethanol into gas at the 15 % mandate is taking 30% of the entire US corn crop. When was burning up a countries fuel a really smart idea? The country would be back in business if the markets were truly free. To do that we need to get out of NAFTA, WTO, Break up the big three, Cargill, ADA, Tyson Foods, DFA & Deans Foods under existing anti-trust laws. WTO & NAFTA, programs who's rules overrule member nations sovereignty would never pass a US Constitutional Challenge. No subsidies should ever be granted to private business unless that business can cash flow the project in five years without any more & it is in the interest of the taxpayers to in.vest in it. Grew up on a farm, farming ourselves now for 47 years, so have a wide view