Ann11 Wrote:
Jun 16, 2012 12:14 PM
Ethanol blenders credit & the 53 cent tariff has ended. That's just the tip of the subsidies. Ethanol has a gov. tax subsidy credit that basically they are awarded credits to carry them over when corn is to high for them to cash flow, they are paid so much each gallon to not meet the mandate to force ethanol into fuel at 15% now. If this were not so then ethanol plants would go bankrupt at these corns prices & the rest of us farmers could afford to stop paying billions to put ourselves out of business. (dairy, hogs, chicken farmers, & beef farmers) There is no free market & we made money in the 1960's. Just to put that in prospective. Wheat was averaging 3. to 4. dollars a bushel. Gas was .35 cents, a new baler was $2500.