Nimbus Wrote:
Jun 15, 2012 4:10 PM
Hope I'm wrong. I expect the term Kaistorcracy (rule by the worst) will make a comeback as Obama has given new meaning to Kakistrcrat. To settle our debt (if Obama is reelected), we should suspect our kakistocrats have already drafted long term transferrable soverign leases on US oil and gas reserves, major ports and interior lands. As the UK leased Hong Kong for 99 years, China will lease from our precious resources and transfer the leases to North Korea, Iran, and other misanthropic sweethearts. If no Americans were employed in these undertakings, the enviro-Nasi's would love it because the wealth would be spread elsewhere. Most of all. kakistocrats could keep on being kakistocrats with minimal impact on the clueless electorate.