Brian59 Wrote:
Jun 15, 2012 2:39 PM
I watch "Thrones" every week and I've seen the episode in question several times. In fact, when the picture was shown yesterday, I knew exactly what it was. However, in all the times I've seen that scene, I've never thought it was 41 on the pike. Even when someone pointed it out here on TH, I still can't tell. Most media outlets are naturally liberal and it's up to mindfull consumers to keep them in check. But if they were trying to make a statement about W, they did a horrible job. More then likely, if that was GW Bush's likeness, it was a prop hand trying to be cute and it slipped by the editors in post-production. I say let this one go and let's focus on more blatant attacks on us and out values. Just sayin'.