jim39 Wrote:
Jun 12, 2012 10:30 PM
This is how I see it: Aboma thinks he can "invest" government money in ventures like Solyndra. If Solyndra were to make a profit, the government could pick and choose where to spend the money. Not much different than using someone else's money to gamble - and when you win, you get to keep the profit. Lose, and the person lending you the money loses. This is kind of what Dr. Sowell is saying. The auto-bailiout, in addition to being a sop to unions, was a Socialist takeover. the companies were basically nationalized. When Aboma feels like he can fire automobile dealers and executives? That's nationalization. Same with financial institutions. I think the useful term for Aboma is "Totatilitarian." And Aboma is an abomination.