ptumilty Wrote:
Jun 10, 2012 2:12 PM
Mandates are based on faith, you have faith that when you (UNCLE SCAM) tell people what to do, that, they, will do it, I don't have that much faith. Our founders told us to stop Paying you if you get out of line,Well,,,,You Idiots are totally out of line,and way out of control.You really think you can make people buy insurance like you did with auto insurance? Everyone in the United States knows insurance is a scam, What are we paying you people for?Mom drove sense the 60's never got in a wreck never had a ticket,What did she pay for?So, with that, I say, fire all their help,make them do their own Job,the job they're Elected to do, and cut their pay in half,down to something thats reasonable.Then after they fix the mess THEY got us (the US)