pardin Wrote:
Jun 07, 2012 7:27 AM
Deprived of the huge profits that Cntrl-Bnks generate from big-Govt-debts, the bankers plot the destruction of Andrew Jackson ! Jan 30, 1835 - As Pres A-J leaves the Capitol after a funeral, a “deranged” Englishman Richard Lawrence fires his pistol at A-J. The gun misfires, his 2nd pistol misfires too ! A-J attacks R-L with his cane. The would-be assn is then restrained. R-L plays the part of a “deranged” lone gunman, but he suggests that A-J’s opstn to a Cntrl-Bnk is what motivated his action, saying "with A-J gone, Money will be more plenty.” R-L's assn-atmpt on A-J, was 1st against an Amer-Pres who defied will of NWO bankers. Many more assn atmpts on cons-nationalist, Kings, Prm-Min's, Pres, carried out by manipulated fanatics follow