pardin Wrote:
Jun 07, 2012 7:26 AM
It's all there, How A-Jackson fought back a Cntrl bank, They tried to take him out, The cntrl bank was closd 1835, 87 yrs latr they $cammed us again ! Federal Reserve Bank, We're being so misld, lied to, distrcted with so mny entrtanmnt-convnence-related servcs, prdcts, latest frn-made cars, tv's, port-msc-phns, on, on, while the Fed-Resrv covertly-legally-swindles the bulk of our GNP's output-value in cash ! Read how A-Jackson handled them, he said to the Cntrl Bnkrs in 1833: “You are a den of vipers, thieves. by the Eternal G-d, I intend to and will rout you out !” Jan 8, 1935 - Bnkng dynsties watch in dismay as Pres-A-J Pays Off The Entire Natl Debt, Only Time In Us Histry. US txpayrs spard-burdn-payng-bnd-%-debt to Cntrl-Bnkrs !