pardin Wrote:
Jun 07, 2012 6:04 AM
"Fiction" To Describe The Rothschild Conspiracy. Revoltnry-uphvl-frtld in B-D’s 1844 “fctnl-acct”, starts in Sicily, Jan-1848. Rvlts “spntnsly” break out in 50-sts thrghout Eur, S-Am. The rebelling Reds, asst groups dmnd “Democracy”, mob rule manipulated by the Banking Dynasties, their "agents". Though there are lgtmt-grvncs in any nation, many of the 1848 rfrmrs are sincere, the revoltns higher-prpse isn't to improve peoples lives. True goal subvert existing govts authority install "Democratic" govts that can be more-easily-contrld by agents wrkng-for, CFR-TC-IMF-NATO-UN-EU-SPP-NAU, Fed-Resrv-Wall-Street, US-UK-Grm-Frn-Rus-Saud-Jpn-Chn-Can-AU-MX-Ind-SK-Taw-Vnz-Pak-NK-Irn-Irq-Afgn-S-C-Amer, Govts, WTO-NAFTA-OPEC, The New World Order !