pardin Wrote:
Jun 07, 2012 6:04 AM
more plenty.” R-L's assn-atmpt on A-J, was 1st against an Amer-Pres who defied will of NWO bankers. Many more assn atmpts on cons-nationalist, Kings, Prm-Min's, Pres, carried out by manipulated fanatics follow. A-J Wins Cntrl Bnk US Is Ended ! 1836 - N-B’s effort to keep Cntrl-Bnk going fails, charter expires. Asked later on his most important acmplshmnt, A-J: "I ended the Central-Bank.” Prvt-owned-bank comp-out-of-bus-1841. N-B arrested for fraud, later acquitted. A-J’s heroism set the cntrl-bnkrs efforts back many years. 87 years later the faudulent monster central banking, rises in USA: The Corrupt-Criminal “Federal Reserve System !” Benjamin Disraeli, writer, 2-x-Prm-Min-UK-England, 1868-74, the dominant 1800s Eur-politician uses