pardin Wrote:
Jun 07, 2012 6:03 AM
branch out to head bnkng dynasties in Grmny, Aus, Italy, Fr, Eng. They became financiers to the Kings of Europe, often-$-fncng-$ both sides of the Euro-wars that will so $-enrich-$ them. To this day, the Hs-of-Rothschild and its allies remain the dominant force behind intl-finc, Central-Banking, Globalism, “envrnmntlism”, radical-left-wing politics. Zionism, mjr role estab Israel, 1900’s. M-A-R can truly be called the orgnl “G-d-Father” of the NWO crime gang. Central Bank Boss Nicholas Biddle Battles Andrew Jackson 1832-1835 - Charter, 2nd-Bank-US, to-expire-1836. N-B, Pres-priv-owned-Central-Bank. N-B, advocate-big-govt-pub-ed-central-banking, 1833, Pres A-J tries to “End the Bank” by w-drwng-govt-funds from it, letting its Charter