CountryBoyWillSurvive Wrote:
Jun 07, 2012 4:32 AM
These are my beliefs. No matter what race, sex,origin,ect...I believe that the person is responsible for his or her actions. So I don,t need JJ ( since this post is about him.) or any others Black or White or whatever race to tell me somebody else caused me to do what I did I made that choice. So until people realize they made the choice to commit a crime whether it be Murder, Rape, Robbery ect.. Drive Drunk or Abuse drugs, or whatever You choose it was YOUR choice to do these things But don,t expect me or these other fine people here to Accept your way of thinking that it is" The Way I Am" well YOU made that choice and we are sick and tired of hearing it Thanks all I can sleep now the soap box is your,s LOL