george3850 Wrote:
Jun 05, 2012 4:36 AM
Most farmers here in Oregon has already fenced the streams. You can only spread manure on certain days. They have to store it in large tanks so it ferments and stink so bad you can hardly stand it when spread. The few farmers left are leasing the farms that are not farming anymore to spread the manure on. I grew up on a dairy. The smell never bothered me. Now it is so foul that gags a maggot. We had 500 acres and got out of it when my father retired about 50 years ago. It is Exclusive Farm land and can't be used for anything else. The guy that lives there now runs about 20 horses on it. You can't sell it exept for a farm. Makes it almost completly useless. There are dozens of farms in this area that are setting unused.