cersan Wrote:
Jun 05, 2012 3:20 AM
Read below how-what our business and political leaders are selling all of us and our country out to an extremely barbaric race of demons, Communist China ! Look how they treat innocent dogs, cats, and every other kind of normal-strange-weird-bizarre, animal they can get their cursed hands on and gather them up for; food, fur, and their-routine, sub-human-level-acts-of-sadistic-animal-torture-murder, in-their-criminally-insane-mentally-deranged-Chinese-circuses Morons Wake Up, Could you imagine how they would treat, torture, murder, use for food, the; men, women, children of their enemies, if they could get their accursed hands on YOU ! Morons Wake Up ! They're selling the dried powdered remains of their own children in capsules