tynar Wrote:
Jun 04, 2012 2:26 PM
"Saying that Rubio's not eligible doesn't fly anymore, because BHO isn't legal in any sense of the word." Are you always so sure of yourself when you're so wrong ? The fact that we're all so up in arms over Obama having scammed us so-bad-non-stop-full-time on this issue, there will likely be a much more demanding-thorough-accurate, VP-President candidate USC eligibility test this time around, compared to the quick-check that the scamming-USC-ineligible-Obama was put through. If a candidate is not actually fully USC-eligible and they did somehow manage to skate on by past the USC-eligibility-test again, as Obama did, in the short-long-run it would hurt the campaigns chances of winning with alot of voters, who wouldn't go for that !