tynar Wrote:
Jun 04, 2012 1:46 PM
anon said: "Rubio, J-Bush, Christie, Perry, Daniels, Jindall, VP" Rubio is decent on Cons-issues but he recently said, "Conservatives should give illegal-aliens an easier time in the USA." NO WAY to Rubio if he panders to illegal-aliens ! Jeb Bush, Christie are pro-illegal-alien-amnesty-benefits-$$-handout-facilitaors-advocates-enablers-panderers ! Pro-illegal-alien-moderate Jindall NO ! Perry-Daniels are hidden-covered-up "confirmed" NWO-Bilderberg, CFR-IMF-SPP-NAU, NAFTA, WTO, Wall-Street, Fed-Res-Bank, servers, pro-amnesty ! NO MORE, George "Islam is a religeon of peace, illegal-aliens only come to the USA to work because America is a nation of immigrants" Bush-2's Save your country reject all lib-Dems fake-Conservative-RINO's !