tynar Wrote:
Jun 04, 2012 11:08 AM
"Is it true, China is buying up mid-western farmland ?" China: The new landlord of the US ! CHINA, Soon To Be a Dangerous Military Super Power Then Also an Economic Ultra Power ! The emergence of China 1st as a military spr-pwr 10-yrs, then as an econ-ultra-pwr 20-yrs far outstripping the USA, EU, Japan, combined. in terms of economic, military power projection, bodes ill for every nation from Japan to Australia, sound familiar ? This monstrous nation, China, currently at 1.3-bln people is far more populous than America-310-mln, EU-400-mln, Japan-120-mln, combined. China's pop-growth has mushroomed since WW2 and will continue to do so in this century even with their one child policy ! We are allowing the Chinese to dominate the USA