XJ90NYC Wrote:
Jun 02, 2012 6:11 PM
Mmmm Yeah, we see that "Anger" and "Danger" now. Oh wait.....didn't you say that in early 2008 too? You talked about how "angry" he was and how narcissistic he was -- why any moment now he was going to explode in a fit of rage. Let's see how "dangerous" he's becoming, Chicken Little -- let us know how that's working for you. Oh and that "destabilized" effect was certainly evident when all the former Pres's were at the WH a few days ago. Anyone but Glop notice it?? If you ever stepped back and read what you wrote Glop, you'd be embarrassed at what a Paranoid Moron you sound like -- I swear you are the most gullible, slack-jawed swallower of garbage that anyone has ever seen -- a perfect Little Conservative Twit