XJ90NYC Wrote:
Jun 02, 2012 5:50 PM
LOL!! Did Robin of Berkeley feed you more shlt Retardo? Or was it Lyle the crazy psychiatrist Rossiter this time? "A deeply damaged individual." Yes of course, Idiot Boy, you see evidence all the time of Obama as "deeply damaged." Sucks to be you, 'cuz in your paranoid fever, you're probably the only one. Love the way you have such intimate knowledge of the Obama's deepest psyche. Feelings of inadequacy? Funny, but Michelle Obama doesn't strike me as having an 'inadequacy' problem -- did she reveal that to you. I'm sure you think that being a Black Person means you automatically feel inadequate and that you will behave like a criminal. Retarded Glop -- you give true meaning to the term "Conservative A sshole"