taurstar7 Wrote:
Jun 02, 2012 9:42 AM
Democratic Party-aka-Marxist/Socialist/PC/R.I.N.O. is in its death throes. Trojan Horse, Barack Hussein Obama-aka-Community Organizer masquerading as POTUS started writing its obituary with his 2008 election. For 4+ decades, WE THE PEOPLE allowed ourselves to become sheep-shamed (LOL) by PC's sanctimonious equality for all babbling. It took awhile for WE THE PEOPLE to wake up, see ploy as part of fundamentally transform America agenda. TAKE BACK/RESTORE America demands ALL incumbents be removed from office. John Boehner should never have been elected Speaker of House (only Ohio can remove him from office). Representatives from states where WE THE PEOPLE have voice can deny continuation as Speaker. Keep faith and conversation going.