republicansagainstwalker Wrote:
Jun 01, 2012 6:29 PM
Really? Okay, well I am a Republican from WI who opposes Walker. I collected recall signatures from other Republicans. Do you want to argue facts with me? Because this author is very confused. Here are two lies that Walker states and this author repeats about WRS: 1. Taxpayers pay for the WRS. 2. The plan is unsustainable. Their conclusion is that public employee pension expenses will fall back on taxpayers. Here is the truth. 1. WRS is 99.7% funded by the employees. 2. It is rated #1 in the country. Most public sector workers receive quit a bit less in wages than their private sector counter parts. They do this as a trade-off for the great benefits and security. I am not a gov. employee. Gov. Walker is a liar.