TDBLU Wrote:
May 30, 2012 1:21 PM
Just my own 2 cents worth. Any, (and I mean ANY) religion allowed enough political clout, WILL use that clout in pursuit of even greater clout. I've read the bible. Heck, it was reading the bible that finally made me realize that 99 percent is quite clearly the ravings of some ancient sun-stroked middle-eastern desert hermits, and 1 percent plain old folk-wisdom for leading a moral, less-stressful life, that has been around since people were.. Organized religions are the adult residues of "Daddy, mommy, I'm afraid of the dark", that have been embellished over the years by those counting on "Believers" for their IRA cont6ributions. Gubmint MUST stay away from religion, or it WILL use religion to pursuit its own means.