Mrs_W_Snodhopper_III Wrote:
May 30, 2012 9:25 AM
THERE IS THE ANGRY BLACK WOMAN. She's all about being black; that's all she's about. But she is the First Lady of an entire nation--only 13% of whom are black. The rest of us need not apply for her consideration; only blacks need apply; because Michelle Obama is the ANGRY BLACK WOMAN and she will shove that down our throats. She is getting her reparations no matter what. And she's taking taxpayer money to the tune of $10 Million last year for her own personal reparations in Spain, in Hawaii, in South Africa, in those lavish resorts, and on extravaganzas with her friends and family. She doesn't care really about all those black women out there; she cares about her own personal reparations! I find this woman crass and crav