DrewciferiousNotorious Wrote:
May 30, 2012 2:31 AM
Congress is being held hostage by Obama/UN. Threats have already been made to declare marshal law... WE THE PEOPLE are on OUR own. I truly feel that Obama is instigating the American public to revolt. The governments decision to patrol America's skies with Drones is an act of war upon it's people. If US JUSTICE Katherine Forrest hadnt stalled it, They'd be armed with the NDAA and probably knocking on doors this summer. We're in deep sh*t, People. We lost our focus with 911 and now, the power balance needs restored. Is it too late? It just might be. depends on US as a nation... Can the People of America protect themselves from a Tyranny? Oh, You bet your sweet a** we can. Its gonna be tough, But, It can be done... RON PAUL in 2012!