Talafofotom1 Wrote:
May 30, 2012 1:08 AM
Yes and I'd have done the same. Funny how you have these accounts nearly word for word.How about the torture and slaughter of cuban's against Fidel in the early 60's no word's on the Internet? no radio calls on your I pad? of course not because the people there didn't live to tell you on your Ipad enrichedlife style to tell us about it. Hey the mere fact that the clandestine world is anonymous should have you all aglitter with excitement because the internets allow you to be hidden as those in the cia and the seal teams should be.you don't like it sue some body. Or join the UN as your bosses are a part of.The pionted nature of the Bush derangement sindrome is freaky Bush isnt the PREZZEEY now