Rhonda8 Wrote:
May 29, 2012 6:30 PM
Byron, not all birthers believe he was born in Kenya. What most of the Birthers are in uproar about is that he was not vetted properly; in addition to the BC we don't know about his Passport, not his two SS #s. His birth certificate is FORGED and you are helping the left re-elect a man who has a forged birth certificate. Many, many of us are ONLY saying, "It's a fake! What is he trying to hide?!" He has been hiding almost ALL of his past and has INVENTED some of his history. I'm angry at the so-called conservative media that wont even acknowledge there's a problem with his documents. Again, NOT ALL Birthers claim he was born in Kenya, you aren't paying attention!!! Stop assuming & condemning without looking deeper into our concerns!