Paul408 Wrote:
May 29, 2012 4:07 PM
My sister was told that now that ObamaCare passed, that she could get insurance. So, she tried to get the insurance, and because the way ObamaCare is written, she was told that she could pay $4200 per month for insurance or they would turn her into the IRS and when the fines started for not carrying insurance, she'd be fined 600/month. So, she gave up on the system, didn't get insurance, which, if ObamaCare hadn't passed, the same company that offered insurance for pre-existing conditions and catastrophic coverage would have given her a rate of nearly 2000 a month, which she would have taken. And then she would have been able to see the doctor when her stomach started hurting. And now, she has stage 4 ovarian cancer that went untreated.