Ebola100 Wrote:
May 28, 2012 2:05 PM
Hal, This is a travesty, though I've been expecting this. The USPSTF is loathe to recommend any screening for much of anything. Why? Because screening may lead to an abnormal result which leads to more testing which leads to more money being spent. Oh, I forgot, it also leads to saved lives. They've backed off a tad on restricting women's screening (mammograms, PAP smears, etc) but men are ripe because we're not as well organized. Did they use the phrase that "something else will kill you before your prostate cancer"? Always describing it as a slow, indolent process with little cause for haste in diagnosis. This is utter BS. I know that I have seen aggressive prostate cancers kill people and it's not that uncommon to have an aggressive CA.