Suzieq10 Wrote:
May 28, 2012 12:34 PM
Now we KNOW why all of the MSM are losing their audience, when these liberal functioning imbeciles are hired and paid the big bucks to trash talk OUR country, OUR military, OUR Religions, and OUR conservatism, as opposed to their Socialist/Communist thought process and Leftist ignorance. The recent report that stated: Liberals are born lacking a logical thought process gene', has now been proven without a doubt by the MSM that DID NOT VET Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama. If they had done their job in 2007, this 'imposter' would not be living in OUR White House. A Kenyan birth certificate does NOT qualifiy Obammie to be president and Pelosi claims she approved his paperwork, need to be charged for their crime.