Kent9 Wrote:
May 28, 2012 9:54 AM
Cartwright, You misunderstand those who yearn for "socialism." Humans do not "fall into collectivist" attitudes by default. Politically Correct Progressivism, the anti-American breed of anti-freedom politics, is not Socialist, Communist, Marxist, or collectivist. PC-Progs are anti-American first. But their anti-American belief system is accompanied by the sweetest bait ever devised to lure in narcissicistic fools. They believe they are Smarter Than You, more compassionate, hipper, cooler, more loving, more with-it, Gaiai-loving, healthier, in every way better than you and the moron millions of Americans. The lure is three of the seven deadly sins rolled into one: Greed, Pride, and Envy.