Randy2497 Wrote:
May 27, 2012 7:33 PM
I've got written proof of a local tenured history professor, Gary Murrell, lying about history and flunking my son because Murrell claimed my son wasn't using facts. My son went through all the steps to challenge the grade - result: school protects its own. The lie? Murrell wrote in condemning the dropping the atomic bombs "Japan was a defeated nation...The US had a naval blockade around the island. Nothing went in and nothing went out. Japan had no airplanes, no ships and no fuel to run them even if they had had them.” Military intel: at war's end, Japan had 10290 aircraft; refineries making fuel from domestic oil fields and domestic coal liquefaction; 6 aircraft carriers, 4 cruisers, a battleship, 20 operational destroyers, etc.