Suzieq10 Wrote:
May 27, 2012 3:14 PM
Leon Panetta is CLUELESS and should be removed from his presetn postion BEFORE he can cause any more damage in and to our military. Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama has a pattern of 'crowning inept' people to serve in his administration. They don't get there because of their knowledge, they get there by being 'bundlers' for the 'Imposter' in OUR White House. They is no way to manage a country, and this 'faux' president is in way over his capabilities to manage anything except for a neighborhood lemonade stand. Oh, Wait, his administration is shutting them down because they don't understand economics, and Obama doesn't have a clue about how HE has spent MORE MONEY that any other president in the past 22years. Duh!!!!!!!!