Caligula Wrote:
May 26, 2012 1:57 PM
The SPLC is an adjunct of the ADL which wrote the hate (thought) crime legislation in this country. Under their term "Patriot Movement" which apparently means non-liberals - except Joseph Farah who is anti-Muslim - are: Chuck Baldwin - anti-tax/secret FEMA camps, Tom DeWeese - against Agenda 21, Michael Boldin - favors nullification of unconstitutional federal laws, Alex Jones - anti New Word Order, Cliff Kincaid - anti-North American Union, Elmer Rhodes - founded Oath Keepers (active military/police who vow to uphold their oaths to the Constitution, Michael Vanderboegh - anti-illegals. DHS (gets lists from SPLC) describes the right (gun owners, constitutionalists, gold buyers, Ron Paul fans, pro-lifers) as "potential domestic terrorists."