Brian3769 Wrote:
May 26, 2012 11:01 AM
Ethnic heritage is not to be dismissed lightly; it's who we are. My parents told me we were from Ireland, a family tradition for four generations. Nope! We now know from a DNA test that we're Danish Vikings. They came from Normandy, France, to England in 1066, and lived in County Wiltshire for 600 years before emigrating to Virginia in 1654. My great-grandfather commanded the Irish Brigade against Britain in the Boer War. Talk about identity crisis! We have western cousins who "don't want to hear it." Tough. The big issue with Elizabeth Warren, beyond her dishonest, unmerited self-promotion through the disgrace of "affirmative action," is that she lies to herself. We rely on government to tell the truth. Warren is unfit for office.