sugarandspice Wrote:
May 25, 2012 2:17 PM
RVNUSMC: You just made Mr.Goldberg's point. As a cancer survivor I know a great deal about Dr. Breszinski . But, I believe you got it wrong. It was the FDA, the GOV that kept Dr. Breszinski in the courtroom for over 20 years with lawsuits. He was always cleared of all lawsuits.Former big Pharma members, that became high ranking members of the FDA to then use the power of the Fed Govmt to suppress and haress their competition. In the Doctors own words he had several pharma companies interested in further testing on his cancer protocal. As a matter of fact, presently Dr. Breszinski is running several FDA clinical trails. He now has several private investors and has formed his own pharma company. He has a beautiful successful clinic in TX.