slinger Wrote:
May 25, 2012 12:15 PM
Sorry, JustMC, the PC locked up.... I am willing to meet them half way. They get to decide which half I will recognize. I'm not willing to become one of them. I'm not willing for my sons and daughters to become one with them. Think back to Abraham trying to save Sodom and Gehmorra(sp?). If they will give to me a no further than this line, I'll think about accepting it. Until then, I like what I like. Don't impose your will on me anymore than I personally, do to you. Did you eat your brussell sprouts and spinach and broccolli and tofu today?? Or did you have beefsteak?? Was someone watching you to make sure you behaved?? i WANT THESE CRETINS TO TELL ME WHEN THEY WILL STOP. (God given "accident") js