heren Wrote:
May 22, 2012 4:57 PM
A thorough examination of Romney’s approach to judicial appts shows that he was; Committed to integrity of the process, focused on criminal prosecution, prudent in his judicial selections, and can be trusted to appoint Conservatives to the U-S-S-C. Romney’s appts to Judiciary posts in 85%-Dem-MA; 38%-Dems, 37%-Inds, 25%-Reps, provides fodder to his critics who hype-it-up, don't-bother-to-mention the-why-how-actual-reason that it worked out that way ! Romney was elected 70th Gov-MA, Rep, with an unenviable predicament, 12%-reg-Reps, 88%-reg-Dems-Inds, Dem-majs both chambers-MA-Legislature. MA-Gov Judicial picks need approval by the Gov's Council, Dems held 8 of 9 seats. Conservative U-S-S-C nominee Judge Robert Bork endorsed M-R 2008 !