Mike191 Wrote:
May 22, 2012 11:50 AM
As a politician, the old man makes a good general. To think that he might have made a bid at the White House himself as a Republican a few years back? His words made me exceedingly nauseous then, and even mores so now after what O-Flubber has done as POTUS. Powell should just fade away and hope people don't remember his final act in the arena as someone who was completely HOODWINKED by Obama. He's too proud to admit his judgment was WRONG, so he'll mealy mouth it all the way to Nov. How about an answer to this Colin: if you were concerned about the GOP and McCain's drift to the right in 2008, and 2 more cons. judges to the SCOTUS; how do you feel NOW about the 'drift' of Obama's policies and his 2 SCOTUS appointments???