Shavager. Wrote:
May 15, 2012 4:42 PM
Boehner's afraid to make a move, he want to continue as Speaker expecting GOP to maintain House control, but it's his very reluctance to stand up and show some backbone that has Americans and voters so angry. We have a CORRUPT administration that is MONEY LAUNDERING taxpayer dollars to companies and campaign contributors in exchange for contributions to his past election as well as upcoming re-election. Solyndra, Beacon Power, Steve Westly, Jeff Doerr, ENER1--now giving a personal friend $5.9 MILLION through the HHS. He IS DELIBERATELY TRYING TO BANKRUPT AMERICA AND SUBMIT U.S. TO GLOBAL RULE THROUGH COLLAPSE AND INTERNATIONAL BAILOUT--SURRENDING NATIONAL BORDERS AND SOVEREIGNTY JUST AS HAS HAPPENED TO GREECE.