Joe1602 Wrote:
May 15, 2012 8:46 AM
Lets stick with the WAPO story. No one bleached their hair in the 60's, not even women. A guy who did would be lucky to be alive before he was thrown out of that school, which would forever have a stained reputation for admitting a homosexual. If there had been such a person, everyone in the school would have known about it, everyone, yet Romney's best friend doesn't. There would be far more than 4 who were aware of it. Lauber's family said the story is inaccurate. Hoevever, now that we know that WAPO can find old classmates, they should find some of Obama's and report on him. This story was written by someone under 30 who has no clue what 60's more's were, so it utterly fails to be believable.