Shoestring47 Wrote:
May 13, 2012 1:49 PM
Just another way for the government to steal our money and redistribute it. This all started with HW Bush signing on with 177 other countries to begin the "UN Agenda 21" Clinton signed it into law in 1992 by Executive Order, Clinton's Global Initiative has the same mission statement as The UN Agenda 21. Soros' mission statement is the same with his Open Society except it includes the power to tell us where we can live, what we can eat, (morals), and what religion we can and cannot practice. It should be recognized that Soros is funding Obama, and a lot of local (state by state) campaigns to get his agenda pushed in the states. WAKE UP AMERICA WE ARE BEING TAKEN OVER BY MARXIST, COMMUNIST, AND SOCIALIST ENTITIES, HOLLYWOOD IS IN THIS ALSO