David157 Wrote:
May 10, 2012 10:23 PM
Rubio has plenty of time for Presidential politics. It's a sign of weakness and desperation to trumpet Rubio as the best VP candidate. What's wrong with letting him season a little as an influential Senator? He's been in the Senate only 2 years and we want to elevate him to the top? Come on, folks. Yes, he's a "rising star", as they say in the last sentence. Let him rise. He will do a SUPERB job in the Senate for years to come and can easily become a legit top of the ticket candidate sooner rather than later. There's no rush here. Also, the VP slot is not "all that", nor is it a place to shine. Let's be perfectly honest. This would relegate him to a status he may not even like or excel at. I like Ryan or West for VP even better.