Doubtful Avenger Wrote:
May 09, 2012 1:13 PM
Klobb: The point is, the streets are for the public's use, not the illegal mob's. The point is, you can't provide evidence or proof of the "slow tortured deaths" caused by some unknown entity's greed - that is pure hyperbole; the point is, if we let the free market work instead of the government giving taxpayer money (AT VERY LOW INTEREST RATES) to students, only 45% of whom pay it back, then college costs would be much cheaper. The point is, your exaggeration about banks might (we won't know, because you have no evidence) apply to one or two percent of them, but certainly not as broadly as you suggest. So, yes, blocking a street is detrimental, and I have a right to ask law enforcement to kick your little butt off the street.