truckingal Wrote:
May 07, 2012 1:30 PM
First, USPS and FedEx employees dont equal out to apples and oranges.FedEx clerks might equate to clerks but thats about all-completely different business. Locally postal employees at small post offices make about $10/hr . .and the Post Master makes $14/hr ( excessive?) 'Minor-league' Post Masters DONT all make six figures . .Locally, I happen t know that our Post Master doesn't make six figures even with fringe added in: I know only because I obtained the figures so that I could file a comment with the PRC. As for purchasing their homes, that's outright disinformation. The real problem here is that USPS itself doesnt now what they spend/pay for. That's a failure of MANAGEMENT! Fire Donahue and you might start solving their problems.