truckingal Wrote:
May 06, 2012 11:09 AM
This week, I personally got in the mail: 1 paper check (Wells Fargo), vehicle license renewal stamp, Vehicle insurance proof, Medicare letter, property tax notice, three packages/items purchased on-line. One one day while I was at the Post Office, eleven people came in to pick up their mail-5 had packages! (shipping USPS is cheaper than driving rt and USPS does the last mile for FedEx/UPS). None of this is counted as volume at this Post Office-as it originated elsewhere! The few people here who have internet purchase items on line- and a few sell via eBay using the local Post Office. This is rural America-and clowns like DeHaven want to stamp it out! Get a clue, Congress-USPS is a SERVICE, not a business. Raise prices-make it work!