truckingal Wrote:
May 06, 2012 10:55 AM
What DeHaven doesnt want to face-as do most of those who wish to see USPS as 'a business' -is that, in many of these rural towns, there IS no grocery store-in fact there is no other business. FedEx and UPS dont want to deliver here as it's too far out for one package, etc. There is also no home delivery-everyone gets their mail via Post Office box. Many are elderly, receive VA and Medicare prescriptions by mail-often with signature, temperature or time sensitive requirements.Many dont drive much-and making a 15+ round trip daily to another location would be impossible. We have many packages delivered as USPS is cheaper than driving 35 miles rt to a big chain store..But USPS doesnt count what is DELIVERED to a Post Office, only what is SENT!