RodT Wrote:
May 06, 2012 10:24 AM
This 85%+ decrease in NG (2008 > 2012) is not being felt where I live. Without NG available, I use propane, refined from NG. I paid $2.14 / Gal for Propane in Jan. 2008 and it has come down all the way to $1.98 / Gal in Jan. 2012, a whopping 7% drop in price. (That is using the pre-buy Aug 2011 price.) I know propane is not the same as NG, but it is refined from NG, so I would assume the decline in the basic component would reflect in the finished product, like the effect of crude oil on refined gas. If crude dropped 85% would gas go down 7%. Would Congress then hold hearings?