sylvia J Wrote:
May 04, 2012 12:39 PM
Thank you again Charles, for all the TRUTHS you have the stones to say. There are very few that just don't know how to be truthful or maybe they are would rather be POLITICALLY CORRECT, untruthful,"LIAR" as the old folks used to say. Putting it bluntly, "it's easier to lie than be truthful" when actually is just the opposite way around, TRUTH needs NO explanation or defence. The GOVERNMENT, "OBAMA" for one would rather stand up tall and LIE to us all, some will still believe HIM but for the most part the rest will KNOW as soon as he opens his mouth ALL THE WORDS ARE LIES. Because his ACTIONS proves them as such.Most of the GOV. has broken every LAW we have and should be prosecuted just like the rest of us. b ut this will never happen. VOTE,