george3850 Wrote:
May 03, 2012 10:46 AM
James 165 is 100% right. This should have been stopped 30 years ago before it was out of hand. The damage has been done to the extent it may never be brought back. They are looking for a free ride. Ouir neibor was here for 12 years. He made enough money to build His Folks a new house and himself a new house in Mexico, When he went back to Mexico last year he has enough saved up to live the rest of his life without working again. He took a new Lincoln and Dodge pickup back with him. His kids and their Mother are anchor babies. They will come to the US. for free medical help. He has never paid a cent in Taxes. He lived up stairs in employers home. No rent or housing costs. Ate with employer so basic no food cost. The oldest daughter made it