GrannieGreenEyes Wrote:
May 01, 2012 3:10 AM
And like the AMA is not on the side of most Dr's--- the ANA (American Nurse Assoc) is hot helping the cause of nurses either. Nursing requires a 24/7/365 dedication, but the ANA and other nursing "unions", are pushing nurses into higher education, and longer training , and higher skills. This isn't a bad thing, but these nurses get out of school not wanting to work shift work, holidays, weekends, and do not like to get their hands dirty. They know MORE about the job, but they aren't doing the job. They want to run their business out of an office 40 hrs a week--and leave the real care to the low priced help.. I went thru nurses training 60 years ago, and we were taught HANDS ON care-- Someday there will be no hands on care. SAD.